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3 Reasons Financial Problems Affect Relationships

August 10, 2020 | Ad Disclosure
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3 Reasons Financial Problems Affect Relationships

Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married – no one likes debt. However, does being in debt have a specific impact on those who are in a relationship or married?

In a recent article by Investopedia, the website investigated what the most common reasons are for couples fighting. Do you know what’s the number one reason? Drumroll……da da da da dum…..smoney…exmoney…sex money….sexy money. Well, it’s actually a really close tie between sex and money. Many sources explaining that money is generally number one, but it oscillates with sex.

There’s Just Not Enough

So why is money such an arguing point, and in what way? Well, it’s no leap to assume that the lack of money is one reason why couples fight.

When you’re cohabitating with someone or building a life together, money plays an incredibly important role in your overall quality of life. Whether bills are paid, little John John can get braces, or that much needed vacation can happen, you need money.

Consistently having unpaid bills or not enough resources to take care of your family will create stress. This financial stress will often become points of blame for partners. For example, blaming the primary bread-winner for not making enough or blaming the stay at home parent for not also getting a job.

Additionally, add in the fact that in society we tend to measure ourselves against our neighbors or people of status. We feel that we are failures if our family does not make enough to have a nice new car like the Johnsons next store. Or we see Instagram stories of people going on vacations with their girlfriend and think that we are failures not just as individuals but as a couple or a family. This associated shame and guilt can cause fights in relationships or even divorce.

Not Agreeing Where It Should Go

Not making enough money is one problem, but not agreeing on how the money should be spent might be another problem, this is especially true in situations of combined income.

Although most couples agree to be partners in life, it doesn’t mean they have the same priorities overall. For example, one partner may be more interested in spending money on getting their kid braces while the other partner may want to invest that money in the stock market. These are two inherently different views on how money should be spent and it has a lot to do with personalities and compatibilities, which in many situations partners do not learn about until they are already knee-deep in the relationship.


Money issues in relationships can also lead to a deeper problem. Lying. In some relationships, partners will take from ‘joint-accounts’ for their own selfish spending. This means taking money out of the ‘wedding fund’ to go out drinking with the boys. It could also mean padding the grocery budget with an extra $50 to buy a new dress instead. It all boils down to lying about spending joint income.

The Deeper Issues

Not having money is an issue for lots of people and definitely can cause fights and relationship problems. However, money also reveals deeper issues in relationships such as incompatibilities and personality issues such as lying. Make sure to discuss with your partner what matters in your financial life if you want to have a happy relationship, especially if your relationship has not reached the stage of joint accounts, cohabitating, or marriage.

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